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We're ready for what's NEXT!!!

3503 North Pearl Street Jacksonville, FL 32206

101 W. 48TH Street Suite 3,​ Jacksonville, FL 33208

And So It Begin...

God planted a vision in the heart, mind, and soul of His servant Rebecca Zeigler.

Through this vision a ministry would be born on November 12, 2000. As His

servant meditated the Lord spoke to her and gave direction to name His church

Dove Outreach Center.

The first service was held in the home of Pastor Zeigler with six in attendance.

Knowing that we are to be good stewards of little before God blesses us with

much, Pastor Zeigler held services in her home with order, charisma, and divine

direction from the Holy Spirit. His-Story concerning Dove would not end there.

On February 18, 2001, the Lord with all of His power blessed with an edifice,

to sing songs of Zion, to preach to His people, and to reach out to the community.

This house of worship was located at 101 West 48th Street. From our

storefront faced with challenges we knew that in due season God would

make us the owner and not the leaser. His-Story concerning Dove would not end there.

On October 18, 2004, God would deem us owners of this house of worship

located at 3503 North Pearl Street. What a joy and a blessing it was to

empower ourselves through the Holy Spirit and the Purse, and

“The Best Is Still Yet To Come!” It does not take hundreds to accomplish

much for when you have done all that you can God will do all that you can’t.

His-Story concerning Dove will not end here. Onward and Upward Christian Soldiers!